360 Holistics

My 360 degree approach to life coaching supports clients' to enhance mind-body balance and overall well-being through developing awareness and empowerment.

The health of the mind is intimately linked to the health of the body.  The amount of sleep, exercise, and healthy food you expose your body to has a tremendous effect on the life of the mind.  So even if it feels like minds and bodies are separate, we would be wise to remember this is just an illusion.

Matthew D. Lieberman Ph.D, Neuroscientist

Through an in-depth consultation, consideration is given to the different spheres of your life; including history, life choices, environment and challenges.  Awareness is raised and focus is given to areas where an individual’s mind-body could benefit from growth, re-focus or re-energising within a supportive and non-judgemental environment.

Support to enhance life balance is through diet, lifestyle changes, social connectivity and mind-body enhancing activity.


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